Welcome to the Polyclinic "Dr. Al-Tawil"

  Health care begins with prevention and preventive checkup that include a combination of various specialist, laboratory, ultrasound, MRI, CT or endoscopic examinations that allow the detection of many cardiovascular, malignant or chronic diseases at an early stage when the patient does not have any or has minimal symptoms of the disease. Our institution has been designed, equipped and organized for such types of examinations - early detection of disease and adequate treatment.

Why to choose us?

Top specialists


We have garnered a great team of top-level specialists and medical professionals in one place that are at your disposal. If needed, you will need to include all the specialists who can help you solve your problem. We have a multidisciplinary and personalized approach to solving problems. If something can not be solved within our facility, you will get instructions on how to do it safely, efficiently and best. We are aware that the information, knowledge and skills we adopt, possess and use the best and most expensive resources today!

Modern diagnostic center


Using advanced technology in diagnostics, with modern methods of treatment, we have created on of the leading medical institutions in the region. We invest heavily and continuously in new equipment, new technologies and new ways of solving health problems. It is unbelievable how much technological advances in the last few years have changed our understanding and detection of disease, our approach and the outcomes of our treatment. All our specialists as well as other medical staff are continually taught to provide our patients with the best possible medical service. Continuous learning is a necessity, obligation and privilege!


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