"Altamedica Tesanj" - our new polyclinic starts working!

"Altamedica Tesanj" - our new polyclinic starts working!

From 06.05.2024. our new polyclinic in Tešanj, at ul. Braće Pobrića 93, is starting to work!

We also installed our sixth new magnet, the first in BiH without helium, along with the opening of a new polyclinic in Tešanj, at Braće Pobrić Street No. 93, which brings our well-tried concept of integrated medicine-internal medicine, neurology, radiology, laboratory diagnostics with the reliance to ultrasound and especially magnetic resonance diagnostics with included artificial intelligence and an individualized approach to patients and their problems.

Magnetic resonance with new technologies and with the currently largest opening on the market, has never been "smarter", simpler, more comfortable for the patient, with the introduction of many advanced recording techniques as routine, with and without contrast. Internal medicine examinations, color doppler of the neck arteries, echo of the heart, ultrasound of the thyroid, breast and abdomen, puncture of changes in the thyroid gland, breast biopsy, color doppler of the veins and arteries of the legs, vein-laser and UGFS treatments, and much more is at your disposal in Polyclinic Altamedica Tešanj.

Orders by phone at the new polyclinic 032/943-433 or at the polyclinic in the Importanne center at 067/1300-194, 1300-195, 1300-196 or by email altamedicatesanj@gmail.com  or tawildj@gmail.com

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