When it comes to the prevention of hemorrhoids, it is eaten here of great importance. It predicts that it indirectly affects the health of blood vessels, as well as the suppression of constipation, which are mostly the culprits for the appearance of hemorrhoids. If the hemorrhoids still occur, improper diet can intensify the problem, so do not wait to change the bad habits in your diet.

In addition to medication therapy or surgical treatment of hemorrhoid problems, introduce healthy nutrition:

  • If you are obnoxious, lose weight because of excess weight you have a greater burden on your body's bloodstream and digestive system;
  • In your diet, you must inject enough of the dietary fibers in order to prevent constipation and maintenance of your blood vessels;
  • Eat regularly the soup or chicken and drink more water than the recommended 2 liters to make your feces softer;
  • Do not take a sedentary lifestyle, because besides burning calories so much, you do not so much stimulate your blood supply;
  • Do not run away at the speed of going to the toilet, but not with delay. Namely, a long sitting in the toilet increases pressure on the anal opening
  • Make sure your diet is varied and rich with fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, seeds and pungent fruit.

Water is the best natural laxative and helps with constipation. Integral bread, cereals, fresh fruit and all kinds of vegetables will prevent the formation of constipation. Apples, broccoli and broccoli accelerate sorption due to fiber materials. Foods rich in Vitamin K, such as green vegetables, legumes and eggs, stimulate blood clotting. One to two shakes of cold cuts of flax or coconut oil are recommended daily. Rosemary tea strengthens the blood vessels walls, and therefore hemorrhoid veins. All this is an excellent source of dietary fiber that minimizes the possibility of constipation. . Of course, these foods provide the necessary vitamin C (citrus fruits, cabbage, paprika, tomato, broccoli and many other vegetables), as well as flavonoids (all contain whole grains, fruit of light colors and vegetables) and other phytohemics that have a beneficial effect on the health of blood courts (buckwheat, cherries, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, etc.)

In the days when you feel pain, try not to sit much, rest in the half-hearted position or lying so that your feet level is above the level of the pelvic floor.

Inactivity exacerbates the pain, so try to get regular physical activity if you do not already have enough 20 to 30 minutes a day. This way your blood vessels will be healthier, and you will have better condition and easier to discharge the crevice. With proper nutrition and more movement, hemorrhoids will not make you many problems.

What is not recommended

Since hemorrhoid only affects a human, this fact shows that our bad eating habits have a leading role in the onset of this disorder. If you suffer from this illness, avoid:

  • Fatty, greasy food, because it causes constipation.
  • They produce white flour, because they cause overflowing and make it difficult to discharge.
  • Refined oils and margarine
  • Caffe, because caffeine can cause blood vessels to spread.
  • Gastric drinks and alcohol, which can lead to the spread of hemorrhoid veins.
  • Angry paprika, oak, saffron and black pepper because they irritate the crevice and the anus mucosa.