The growth and development of the Dr Al Tawil Polyclinic and the spread of diagnostic and other specialist services have created the conditions for expanding our activities aimed at preventing and treating the disease.

With this aim we founded the Center for Health Promotion, Research and Sport in our clinic.

By establishing this center, we want to show our focus on connecting science and medical practices through the application of the latest scientific achievements from different areas for the purpose of timely and up-to-date help to our patients.

Through this unique center in our region, we want to consolidate services that will help you preserve your health by choosing healthy lifestyles, but also through the advice of the best professionals by changing nutrition, proper physical activity and holistic approach to your health, improve your health state.

We wish you as well as offering you the best, based solely on the principles of excellence, innovation and knowledge supported by scientific evidence. Savjetovalište o ishrani i zdravim životnim stilovima

metabolicki balans 1Our goal is to improve your work capacity, to provide you with knowledge about how to feed healthy and to reach your goals with you.

Our years of experience has shown that individual approach to planning your diet with the goal of choosing a healthy lifestyle is the only way to achieve long-term effects.

Therefore, we have decided for a unique program that will enable you to fully strengthen your metabolism and regulate your body weight - Metabolic balance

What is metabolic balance®?

Metabolic balance® is a metabolic program for regulating body weight - developed by doctors and nutritional scientists.

With this program you will adapt your current nutrition to a healthy, completely balanced and personalized nutrition profile that is designed for you personally. The basis for your personal diet plan is based on your current laboratory values ​​and your health data.

Your personal plan will lead you into 4 stages to success and gives you the ability to
1. permanently solve your personal weight problems.
2. Preventively and completely improve your health

How does metabolism balance work?

Your individual diet plan brings your personal "body chemistry" into a new, metabolic balance with "food chemistry" that suits just you. Do not feed only with all the nutrients and minerals you eat, all you need is nutrition and minerals, but rather eat only the foods that your body needs to regulate your balanced metabolic balance. Your plan, therefore, takes into account your personal, physical situation and therefore applies exclusively to you and your information.

Why does metabolic balance® work?

Your diet plan aims to support your healthy metabolism and regulate your body weight. To get it as good as possible in the time frame, you will be tracked exclusively by trained and certified therapists. .

How does metabolic balance® achieve a reduction in body weight?

By using your personal nutrition plan you put your body at your disposal all the necessary and healthy nutrients. In that, foods are chosen less in terms of calorie content, but in equal parts of fat, protein and carbohydrates. Based on your personal data and your laboratory values, we recommend foods containing those amounts of minerals and vitamins that your body needs to achieve a balanced status of the hormone.

In this way, you support healthy metabolism and improve the natural digestion of insulin. By using new rules for preparing and taking foods, you carefully and permanently regulate your body weight and strengthen your overall hormonal status.

What health improvements do I achieve through metabolic balance®?

Permanent adaptation of the body to a proper healthy and balanced diet in the long term prevents, especially in combination with appropriate movement, a known civilization disease. Re-establishing a natural nutritional balance acts to reestablish your natural body balance.

At the same time, you increase your vitality and concentration and thus achieve a higher level of total energy. You sleep better, your physical and mental strength is growing - you feel better overall, healthier and smarter, and you work. Because you use metabolism balance to break down your body fat but save muscle and connective tissue, it means your skin remains tense and smooth.

Should I be included in the metabolic balance® program?

For you to have a good and useful program

- If you are looking for a durable solution for your body weight and finally decide on healthy weight loss,
- if there are already health problems associated with excessive weight or defective nutrition. These may be, for example, diseases such as diabetes II, rheumatism, chronic migraine, fat metabolism disorders, high blood pressure, and many others,
- You just want to be full of energy, strength and vitality, without any difference in age.

Want to try the metabolic balance®?

Here you will find your personal therapist ...

If you want to try another diet plan (ketogenic diet, paleo diet, mediterranean diet, etc.), but you want to do it properly and with your regular doctor's check out your term.

Healthy lifestyles imply that you are physically active.

When and how and why you need to practice, you can get at our Center from a sports medicine specialist. From the very beginning, we plan together, monitor the implementation of our common plan and your progress.




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Because Metabolic Balance® is not a diet, it's already a change of style and eating habits, which allows you to maintain weight for a lifetime with stable metabolism and repair your overall health condition.

Because we know how much nutrition is important to your health.

Because we want to bring your metabolism into balance so you can feel better. When metabolism regulates you can look forward to a significant improvement in the quality of life, you will have more energy, better sleep and healthy weight maintenance.

Because our experience shows that our patients want to change their diet and we want them to work properly under the supervision of doctors, nutrition experts and other areas.

Because this nutrition plan can be recommended to almost all of our patients: patients with heart and blood vessels, diabetes mellitus, neurological, gastritis and other diseases.

By using the Metabolic Balance® Nutrition Plan, you will notice how your energy turns into a desire to move and with a smile you will continue to engage in your favorite sports or join in light sports activities.

That is why we are happy to offer you a unique, scientifically based diet plan based on your individual needs. To succeed you need your motivation and desire to make changes better, and during this time our doctors who already know your health status will assist you and help you stay motivated.

To get started with the program and get your personalized, individual nutrition plan, do the following:

We will do your blood sample analysis and 35 parameters to get a picture of your metabolism status.
We will also consider your current health condition, the therapy you are using, the desired body weight, and the intolerance to the food ingredients.
Based on these data you will get a unique personalized diet plan that aims to balance the action of your enzymes and hormones. By achieving their balance, your body will signal what kind of food you need to have a balanced metabolism for your entire life.
The Metabolic Balance® diet plan goes through 4 phases:



Resuscitation of metabolism, preparation of body to change nutrition


Your choice, suitable time in agreement with your doctor


2 days

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Light food, bowel emptying



Adjusting the body to an optimal diet, adjusting metabolism, achieving the desired and sensible improvement of the overall health condition


At the end of the preparation phase


At least 14 days

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Personalized Food List and 8 Rules for Metabolic Balance®



Stabilizing the metabolism and achieving your improved overall state and weight. Postpone Relaxation Rule from Phase 2; more free space for introducing new foods


Early after 14 days or in agreement with your doctor (therapist)


A few weeks until the metabolism is stabilized

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Expanding the list of foods, gradually increasing the amount of meals, introducing foods not covered by the leaf, introducing "gourmet meals".

You have a desire to move and we are arranging for a physical activity that would suit your daily routine.



A common everyday with keeping an eye on the 8 rules of permanent establishment of stable metabolism, health and well-being


When Phase 3 is complete.



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Your body is able to recognize the amount and type of foods it needs to make you feel good and maintain your weight